Science & Technology - Our Lady of Dolours, Chatswood

Science & Technology

Science and Technology is an integrated discipline that fosters in students a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them and how it works. Science and Technology encourages students to embrace new concepts, the unexpected and to learn through trialing, testing and refining ideas.

Through studying Science and Technology students explore scientific and technological concepts and gain knowledge and understanding of the world. They develop skills in conducting scientific investigations and designing and producing solutions through learning about the Living World, Material World, Physical World, Earth and Space, and Digital Technologies.

At Our Lady of Dolours our students enjoy exploring the advancements in technology by learning coding skills, robotics and applying these skills to solve real-life problems.

Through the study of Science and Technology, students develop and apply skills in:

  • scientific inquiry through the process of working scientifically
  • design and production processes in the development of solutions
  • design and production of digital solutions.

Students develop knowledge and understanding of:

  • the natural world including living things, materials, forces, energy and Earth and space
  • the built environment including engineering principles and systems, food and fibre production, and material technologies
  • digital technologies including digital systems and how digital technologies represent data.
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