PDHPE - Our Lady of Dolours, Chatswood


The aim of the PDHPE curriculum is to develop in each student the knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes needed to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives. Lessons foster;

  • self-esteem, social responsibility and wellbeing,
  • movement skills and personal fitness,
  • and the ability to make informed health and lifestyle decisions.

Students learn how to adopt a responsible and productive role in society.

Physical Education

At Our Lady of Dolours, students in each class have a 45 minute lesson with highly motivated, enthusiastic, qualified teachers who are organised through Sportspro. In these lessons, students participate in ‘development and participation’ themed programs which do not focus on competition. They have exposure to a vast assortment of sport skills and sports development activities.


Kindergarten to Year 2 Program

Incorporates the following basic learning areas through enjoyable, structured skill specific activities and modified sports games;

  • locomotion and movement awareness
  • body awareness
  • spatial awareness
  • fine motor skills
  • gross Motor skills
  • basic knowledge and understanding of skills associated with mainstream sports.

Students are also exposed to a vast array of sports equipment during the program.

Years 3 – 6 Program

Incorporate specific demonstration, instruction and performance feedback during structured lessons that include active play in each sport (or a modified version of each sport). Sports include athletics, basketball, cricket, European Handball, netball, Oztag, soccer, tee-ball/softball, touch football, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball.

In addition, all students participate in a gymnastics program to help in the development of their muscular endurance, strength, power, flexibility, coordination, agility and balance. Lessons emphasizes the six dominant movement patterns fundamental to all areas of gymnastics:

  • landings
  • static positions
  • swing
  • rotations
  • spring
  • height and/or flight

Swimming Lessons

In Term 4 each year, students participate in a swim program facilitated by Fitness First Chatswood. Using their indoor, heated pool students are put into different categories according to their skill level. Depending on their ability and age, their lessons may focus on the following;

  • water introduction and familiarisation,
  • learn to swim,
  • stroke development,
  • squad development and training.

Sporting Carnivals

Each year Our Lady of Dolours holds two school sports carnivals. The Athletics Carnival is in Term 2 and the Swimming Carnival is in Term 4. Every student is encouraged to participate in the variety of events offered on these days. It is an opportunity for children from each grade come together in their house colours to cheer on and support one another as they compete in the spirit of friendly competition and fun! Students who achieve competitive times will have the opportunity to represent the school at progressively higher competition levels.