Religious Education - Our Lady of Dolours, Chatswood

Religious Education

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay exist to educate and form children in Catholic Discipleship. We work in partnership with parents to support and nurture each child’s faith and moral compass.

Our Lady of Dolours follows the K-6 Religious Education Curriculum established by the Diocese of Broken Bay.  The R.E. curriculum has five strands which include:

God, Revelation and Human Destiny

Jesus, Human and Divine

Church and Discipleship

Prayer and Sacraments

Sacred Scripture

The R.E. curriculum offers students opportunities to experience what it means to be a follower of Jesus as a member of the Catholic community. This experience involves different engagements with learning, with life experience and with community. Each student is given the opportunity to systematically develop knowledge and understanding of the Catholic tradition, along with skills to enable fuller participation in the life of the Church. The R.E. curriculum does this by:

  • exposing students to the richness of the Church, it’s history and traditions
  • assisting student understanding of beliefs, practices and values of the Catholic tradition
  • developing in students an appreciation of the life of the Church and
  • develop a hands on understanding of Catholic Discipleship to continue the mission of the Church in contemporary society.

Religious Education is not taught in isolation, but as a part of everyday life where students are encouraged to reflect on the message of Jesus and put it into practice. Christian values permeate the whole culture of the school community.

The ‘Children’s Sacramental Program’ is organised and run by the Parish. The school supports this program by aligning the R.E. curriculum in the classroom to the Sacramental Program. Liturgies, School Masses and Prayer are also a vital part of our school’s community life and they support student involvement in the R.E. curriculum.