A Message from our Principal - Our Lady of Dolours, Chatswood

A Message from our Principal

Our Lady of Dolours (OLD) School is a welcoming, hope-filled and inclusive community providing outstanding Catholic Education. An awareness and deep respect of ‘difference’ is embedded in the inclusive culture of our school where our students, parents and staff enjoy a very strong sense of belonging. This sense of belonging is strengthened by the consistent support and encouragement that exists within our community.

Our school vision is: “To Ignite, Innovate and Include in a spirit of Mercy”. This vision inspires us to:

  • Ignite’ the students’ desires and their imaginations to keenly learn and improve in all aspects of school and community life. This is best achieved within a culture of exciting ‘challenge’ where learning is meaningful, relatable and connected. Importantly too, OLD School and Parish strive to ignite and inspire the faith journey of our students, teachers and parents.
  • Innovate’ within a ‘Culture of Thinking’, where a community of learners are natural problem solvers and creative thinkers in school, home and community life.
  • Include in a spirit of Mercy’: OLD School was originally established by the religious order, ‘The Sisters of Mercy’, in 1896. A spirit of ‘Mercy’ (care, compassion, kindness and understanding) authentically prevails today in all areas of school and community life. The responsibility for ensuring an inclusive spirit of Mercy flourishes at OLD School rests with all staff, students and parents working together in partnership.

Our core task is education. Our highly qualified teachers are committed to ongoing Professional Learning which is imperative for learning and teaching in the 21st century. Importantly, we believe all learning is a result of ‘thinking’; as such, we strive to provide opportunities for students to develop as critical thinkers within all learning experiences at school.

Information technology is an integral part of the school day for all students. Every classroom at OLD School has a Touch-screen Interactive Board. All students from Year 3 to Year 6 are issued their own personal laptop computer, and students in grades Kindergarten to Year 2 enjoy a generous mix of laptop computers and iPads. Additionally, we have extensive robotics resources and coding lessons to support integrated and purposeful programmes.

OLD School enjoys a special relationship with our neighbouring Catholic High Schools (Mercy Catholic College and St Pius X College) that are adjacent to our property. Various interschool programmes are managed throughout each year, and our ‘relationship’ is also important in supporting families as they transition to High School.

If you would like to find out more about OLD School and community, you are warmly invited to contact the School Office and make an appointment to meet personally with me.

Mr Marco Ianni

(02) 9419 2645



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