After School Dismissal Procedures - Our Lady of Dolours, Chatwood

After School Dismissal Procedures

Waiting Line

Children wait, seated, on the right hand side of the C.O.L.A, until their parent/carer arrives to pick them up.

Kirk Street

Children promptly assemble, seated, on the red and blue seats next to the Play Equipment. The two teachers on duty will walk students up to Kirk Street at 3:05pm. Children will be released into their parent/carer’s car from the top of the street near St Pius. For the safety of the children, we ask that they are collected when their car reaches the first 3 positions in the line.Teachers will supervise children until 3.20pm, when uncollected children will be brought back down to the office area.

Walking Line

Children wait under the Music Room, where the teacher on duty will collect them at 3:10pm. Children are taken out onto Archer Street, up to the end of Ferguson Lane, and left onto Andersen Street where they are dismissed at the pedestrian lights on the corner of Victoria Avenue.

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

Camp Australia

Children wait, seated, on the left hand side of the C.O.L.A, until Camp Australia staff collect them.


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