Creative Arts

The aim of the Creative Arts curriculum is to enable students to gain increasing understanding and accomplishment in the visual arts, music, drama and dance and for students to appreciate the meanings and values that each of the artforms offer personally, culturally and as forms of communication.

Visual Art

Teachers provide students with the opportunity to make and appreciate art by engaging with the concepts of artists, artworks, the audience and the world. In making they learn how they can investigate the world through selected subject matter (eg people, objects, places and spaces) and work with the forms (eg painting, drawing, digital works) in expressive ways. These investigations of subject matter and the forms are further developed in their appreciation of artists, designers, craftspeople, architects and their works.


At Our Lady of Dolours, students in each class have a 45 minute lesson with our highly-trained and specialised Music teacher, Mrs Donna Hoy. In these lessons, students are performing (singing, playing and moving), organising sound and listening (through the exploration of musical concepts and repertoire).

Dance and Drama

Each year at The Concourse, Our Lady of Dolours holds its Creative Arts Festival. Each class produces an item that consists of both a musical and dramatic dance number. A highlight of the night is the presentation of the Kindergarten debutantes. This event is steeped in a tradition that goes back over thirty years.

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